Common People

Feb 27, 2017

Things have been coming along nicely here. Siren Song has been mixed and just needs the final vocals, Ben played a belter of a show at The Rising Sun Arts Centre last weekend and we are very excited to finally see that our next big show will be at Common People at South Park, Oxford on the Uncommon Stage in May.Our next single, Siren Song has taken on a Nick Cave-esque swampy vibe, with Tom Hodges (of Club Soda) showing how much of a fantastic talent as a producer he is. He’ll be co-produc...

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Looking Forward to 2017 And Beyond

Jan 02, 2017

Hey everyone. So, 2016 was pretty nuts for all sorts of reasons, but let's not dwell on the negatives here. In Little Red world we had a great year with some great gigs and achievements. But it's made us hungry for more, so we're setting out our plan for 2017. We've discussed inscribing our plans and goals on a big stone tablet, we met some guy called Ed who said he'd sell us one for cheap, but we decided we had nowhere to keep one at the moment. So, what's in store? Well, the big news is our ...

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All Was Well: Label showcase @ The Library (Oxford) - 01.12.2016

Dec 02, 2016

It was back to performing in our usual trio format yesterday as we looked forward to playing with our super-talented label mate Ed Lofstedt and our own personal favourites The August List. Our label (All Will Be Well) organised this shindig and it was great to play an intimate venue again.Low ceilings, chequered floor, low lighting – you get the picture.. We played tracks off all four of our records and this time played a stripped-down rendition of new tune ‘Siren Song’ &ndash...

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O2 Academy 2 Oxford, Headline gig

Nov 30, 2016

  So, after weeks of locking ourselves in rehearsel studios (thanks Glasshouse Studios!) with our buds Nathan, Tom and Marc fleshing out our songs with bass, keys and drums, we played our much anticipated headline gig at O2 Academy 2 Oxford on Friday 18th November. And what a night it was! Nathan kicked off preceedings with his awesome All Is Worth set, making good use of the new delay pedal bought as a replacement for the one I left on a train... but that's another story. Nathan's music ...

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Website live!

Sep 18, 2016

Hey everybody. So we've lived digitally until now on all the usual suspects (Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Instagram, iTunes, Spotify, Amazing Tunes... the internet sure does spread you thin these days doesn't it?) but now we've decided to add yet another password/username combo to our overloaded brain cache and bring you fine folks this website. We'll continue to update all of the aforementioned pages, though this one should act as an anchor for each with some exclusive content to bo...

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